Construction Management

In our role as Construction Manager, we sit alongside the client through the concept and feasibility stages, developing the cost plan and strategic programme for the project. After conducting value management and value engineering workshops with the design team, we manage the procurement process, inviting tenders for each separate element of the project, covering the whole range of trades, skills and services required.

As there is no requirement for a main contractor with this form of procurement, these separate trades each have individual contracts directly with the client. We provide the management and co-ordination of the trade contractors’ work, with the advantage to the client that our firm is a professional consultant acting objectively in the client’s interest. For many clients there are clear advantages to Construction Management, namely:

This type of management often suits those clients who wish to be more involved in the decision making processes on their projects, thereby exercising a greater level of control. It is particularly appropriate when time and flexibility are key factors in the project strategy.

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