Cost Management

Feasibility Appraisal

We provide early cost advice, often based on very limited information, to assist clients in deciding whether or not to proceed with their schemes.

Cost Estimating

Our emphasis is on producing useable working documents, which can be updated easily by adjusting the cost of individual elements as options are explored and designs developed in detail.

Procurement Advice

We offer objective advice to help our clients choose the most appropriate procurement route. We focus on the client’s individual needs, the project characteristics and the market conditions to facilitate informed decision making.

Tender and Contract Documents

We prepare (in conjunction with our client’s lawyers, if required) the complete suite of tender documentation appropriate to the selected procurement route and form of contract.

Value Management

Our approach to value management is to conduct an organised review of design to obtain optimum value by providing the necessary function at the lowest life cycle cost. The benefits may include capital and operational cost savings, increased business efficiency and improved quality.

Life Cycle Costing

By considering the whole cost of a project over its entire life from inception to disposal, including running costs, we can make a far more accurate appraisal of cost-efficiency. Building performance is becoming increasingly important as energy costs rise and more emphasis is placed upon environmental issues.

Post Contract Services

We implement rigorous cost control with a strictly disciplined change management regime and regular reports of forecast out-turn cost. Other post contract services include the valuation of work in progress, recommending interim payments and negotiating final accounts.

Commercial Management

We draw on our broad experience to identify and manage risks. Early identification of risk can significantly benefit the commercial outcome of a project. We advocate structured risk management sessions at each of the design stages and at regular intervals during construction. We also provide contractual advice and recommendations for avoiding disputes.

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