Dispute Advice

Construction projects have, in recent years, become increasingly complicated and technically exacting. Budgets have become more tightly controlled and programmes have demanded higher performance from contractors and suppliers. In circumstances such as these, small issues may rapidly develop into full-on disputes, resulting in polarised views, exaggerated claims and strained working relationships. These may in turn escalate to threatened or actual litigation with unpredictable outcomes and the potentially huge burden of legal costs. Clients may also face additional, but avoidable, delays as parties seek to protect their positions rather than make all out efforts to fulfill their obligations.

Having a Dispute Adviser on hand could help bring the parties together to negotiate a fair settlement inexpensively and at an early stage.

CHP fulfills the Dispute Adviser’s function by using a combination of technical analysis and facilitative mediation. This enables parties to look objectively at issues without contention. Unravelling the technical complexities of most construction projects calls for high levels of skill and experience. We have built a team of highly experienced people specifically for this purpose. Mediation, which can be facilitated by CHP, is an open and impartial process that seeks to resolve differences quickly and cost effectively.

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