Project Controls

The success criteria of any project are completing on time, maintaining the budget and safely delivering a high quality product. Within each of these criteria, however, there is a range of challenges, which we address by the application of rigorous project controls.

We stand alongside clients and begin by gaining a clear understanding of their business requirements and processes. These may include reporting procedures, communication protocols and the dictates of compliance and governance. All our control measures will be adapted to fit these requirements.

We help clients to develop a procurement strategy based on their priorities and the characteristics of the project. We then apply a series of control functions to generate essential information, measure performance and identify necessary actions. These controls include:

Interrogation of Budgets and Cost Plans:

This is carried out at each stage of the design to help maintain alignment of the client’s brief, the developing design and the budget.

Design Management:

We work with the design team to schedule the production of design information, so that it may be reviewed in sufficient depth at defined project stages to enable any necessary adjustments to be made.

Value Management:

We facilitate regular value management reviews with the project team to seek the most efficient solution to the client’s brief. Value engineering sessions examine design proposals in detail with the objectives of saving time and avoiding unnecessary cost.

Change Management:

We maintain a continual process, from inception to completion, of analysing the development of design or any other factor that may impact upon the cost, time schedule or quality of the project. These impacts are quantified, proposed solutions identified and reviewed with the client.

Earned Value Analysis:

By analysing monthly assessments of project value and comparing these to forecast cash flow estimates based on planned project activity, we log progress relative to programmed completion.

Risk Management:

A programme of risk identification, probability assessment, quantification and management is adopted from the outset. Regular risk reviews are conducted with the project team using established software tools. These provide the client with up-to-date analyses showing risk ownership and proposed management action.


Our reports are carefully tailored to align with the client’s business processes and designed to provide regular assessments of project status, progress and forecast out-turn cost. Critical issues are highlighted and recommendations for urgent or immediate action emphasised.

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